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Here at Team Genetic some of us are athletes, but the rest of us, us mortals, still want to train like an athlete. Athlete or non-athlete, Genetic Supplements aims to deliver performance supplements to the performance minded.

Since our inception in 2010 Genetic Supplements have been developed ‘in house’ in conjunction with our elite level athletes and performance nutritionists to deliver the ultimate in results orientated formulations.

Every product is designed with specific nutrition protocols, optimum performance, optimal recovery and lean gains in mind. With a results based, scientific approach, Genetic Supplements work to comply with WADA prohibited lists and many of our products and raw materials are also independently tested by HFL Laboratories to ensure user &  athlete alike peace of mind.

Genetic Supplements are proud to be working in conjunction with athletes and clubs up to Team GB & Olympic standard to deliver the ultimate in performance supplements. That’s our promise to you of our commitment to quality &  results based performance products using the finest ingredients available.

If you’re serious about your results then try Genetic Supplements and get the ‘Genetic Edge’. Welcome to Team Genetic… 


   Ben Coomber (BSc, ISSN) 
   Performance nutritionist, speaker & educator 
   Team Genetic Nutrition Expert & product developer 
   Host of UK's #1 fitness podcast 'Ben Coomber Radio' 

Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist, coach, educator, speaker, and writer. Ben holds a degree in Human Performance and is an ISSN certified sports nutritionists. Ben run’s http://www.bodytypenutrition.co.uk an online nutrition coaching company that also runs a multi-level 2 year Personal Trainers nutrition development program. Ben has the UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast on iTunes ‘Ben Coomber Radio’ with regular Q&A’s and expert interviews. Ben also owns Transdermal Technology, the worlds first and most advanced pre and post workout sports supplementation that’s applied via the skin.

Ben’s journey in the fitness industry was a personal one from a battle with obesity at age 18 that spurred a keen interest in nutrition. Now a performance based individual that trains and plays rugby Ben blends his nutritional knowledge from both 1st hand experience, the science, and a potent background of coaching athletes and personal trainers.

Check Ben out at http://www.bencoomber.com 

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