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  Absorbed instantly by the body
  Perfect protein only peri-workout nutrition drink
  Full amino acid profile
  •   Increase performance output
      Superior than creatine alone
      Maximum lactic acid buffering capacity

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Everyone knows that prior to a workout you need to consume adequate nutrients to fuel you, but aside from caffeine there are very few people that know what else can be a massive help in their quest for improved performance, or they don’t take them properly. Most performance based supplements contain a few great ingredients but hide them behind a proprietary blend that is almost always under dosed. This straight forward formula simply combines the only three compounds truly backed by a significant amount of scientific research, all thrown into one great product. With research backed doses this product is guaranteed to improve lactic acid buffering, increase nitric oxide levels, enhance ATP turnover, and increase muscular endurance. This is my number one supplement for any hard trainer, its what creatine always was, but better.

Why use Genetic Load UP 2.0?

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Supplementing with Creatine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate has been documented in research to increase intra-muscular performance & buffer lactic acid build up during exercise.

All 3 ingredients have been shown to increase physical capacity in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise, of which performance in the gym, on the playing field and in all physical sporting activities are associated.

For maximal ‘loading*’ benefit from these 3 ingredients we have to take these compounds ‘long term’ away from the ‘workout window’ or when we exercise, thereby ‘saturating’ the muscle tissue over time.

Load Up 2.0 also enhances the effects of using Genetic Sustain 2.0 & Workout Food during your workouts & physical activities. ‘Load’ the muscles with beta alanine and citrulline malate and maintain that level by using Genetic Sustain 2.0 or Workout Food during training & competitive sports.

**Load UP 2.0 now features Vitamin K2 to help maintain bone health and Vitamin D3 to aid in muscular function, immune system health and cell division** 

  • Muscular Loading Formula
  • Suitable For All Types Of Athlete
  • Increased Ergogenic Capacity During Exercise 
  • Now With Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D3 
  • Reduce Lactic Acid Build Up

Ingredients: Citrulline Malate, Genuine Creapure ®, Beta Alanine, flavouring, sweetener (Stevia), Vitamin D3, Vitamin K

When to take Load Up 2.0: 

Mix 12.5g (approx 2 heaped scoops) of Load Up 2.0 in 150-250ml of water and consume after the first meal of the day on a full stomach. If you are an early morning trainer take with dinner. If you train both morning and evening, take with lunch time meal. What is important is taking Load Up with food, long-term, away from the exercise window. 

Each 12.5g Serving Provides: 5g Citrulline Malate, 5g Genuine Creapure®, 2g Beta Alanine, 3000iu Vitamin D3, 500mcg Vitamin K2


*Notes on consumption:

If you experience tingling of the skin with this product (entirely normal reaction to Bets Alanine consumption) and it becomes annoying or uncomfortable drop the dosage to 8g per serving (1.5 scoops), then work back up to 12.5g over a course of 4 days, increasing dosage by1g per day. If you experience uncomfortable skin-tingling again, drop back to the previous dose and stay at that dose. That will be the correct dose for you. 

Allergen Warning: None
Gluten Free
LGC Laboratories Tested Product
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly

Size: 375g/30 Servings




This product is not manufactured nor sold/marketed or intended to, treat or cure any disease or specific medical condition. If in doubt to its use, please seek advice from your GP or healthcare professional.

*Listen to the audio snippet below for further information and benefits:*
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