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Realfit PT Development and Mentoring

We won't tell you to 'go find out yourself' ...

we offer a simple success formula of experience, knowledge and no nonesense real world advice.

We have done it. We walk the walk. 

You want to get there - so let us help you.

We wanted to take the process we are using when training new personal trainers and provide a service to those who have not been given all the tools they need to make it as a PT. We have structured a low cost way for you to get training, guidance, information and coaching when you need it. We want a better, well trained industry full of successful personal trainers helping people while being about to support themselves. If you are struggling on any aspect of your training, business or marketing then we can guide you to answers and better knowledge. We want you to think for yourselves and use what you learn to carry on doing what you love”

So for already qualified PT’s we have ‘Realfit PT development and mentoring

What we offer at RealFit Education Centre:

Realfit PT Development and Mentoring

- Access to our closed group led by Rich Sennewald and Pete Drinkwater and backed up by some awesome coaches who have knowledge and experience to share.

- You can ask anything in the group about training, nutrition, business, marketing and client management to gain valuable help and advice on how to progress in your life and business.

- You have access to our stock of video support to guide you through life as a PT

- You will have monthly webinars/live streams hosted by Rich and Pete covering different topics which you need help with.

- You will have extra content always added and we will encourage everyone participates.

- You will get a 20% discount + priority to any events we run.

All this for £30 per month!

How To Join

Simply apply to join the group and you will be contacted via messenger to be accepted

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