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Muscle Mousse

An endorsement from Louise Rogers, IFBB Pro Figure Athlete

“I first heard about Muscle Mousse on twitter... I have to say that in the first instance I was a bit dubious, simply because I have tried numerous protein desert products which haven't been that impressive, most of which have left an undesirable after taste. However I thought I would give it a whirl.

I mixed up a single serving of Muscle Mousse with water in a normal shaker and let it set as per the instructions... I have to say, I was impressed. The consistency thick and the flavour delicious.

I have found Muscle Mousse particularly useful at night when I often miss having a dessert type food in the evening... Normally I have to resort to a casein shake or cottage cheese – neither of which really float my boat!

Muscle Mousse feels like it could be a naughty treat - when in fact it's full of protein & BCAAs, plus it has a low GI carbohydrate and fat content making it a great choice for people who may be dieting to loose fat.

Whether you're a hardcore athlete, or just training for fun Muscle Mousse will be a great addition to your diet”


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