An Interview With Donna Moore

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1. Can you describe exactly what you do as an athlete?

I compete as a Strongman.
People will possibly be more familiar with Strongman. Strongwoman follows the same format as The World's Strongest Man competition.
Strongwoman combines strength and athletic ability. To be able to lift heavy weight statically and also move with it, with not very standard objects. 

2. How did you get into the sport of Strongwoman?

Basically strongwoman found me.
I had moved away from the commercial gyms to a gym where I had been learning to overhead press, deadlift, squat and bench press. I had posted some of this on social media and I got invited to a Strongwoman competition and I thought I'd give it a go.
I loved it!
And here I am now still loving it.

3. Can you describe the struggles you have faced on your journey so far?

The main struggles I faced was time. Finding time to train whilst being a single parent and juggling family life and full-time work.
In the past I have missed sessions and even at some points found it very difficult to get to the gym for longer periods of time.
But when I didn't go to the gym I missed it. Training made me feel happy and helped with life stresses so I made more of an effort to make time to train.
Now time is still the biggest issue. Trying to fit everything in and find the right life balance is difficult but I feel if you truly want to do something you can make it happen. 

4. Describe a typical training week... 

At the moment I am in competition preparation so it's pretty full on!
I do 4 gym sessions a week.
- Over head press
- Squat
- Deadlift
- And another press day
I also do 2 events sessions where I will specifically train the events in the up coming competition.
So basically 6 sessions a week.
I fit this around my work shifts and children.
I have also learned to listen to my body and change the order of the sessions to suit how I feel.
This way I don't become exhausted which could lead to injury.

5. How important is nutrition to help with recovery and progression?

I feel its the most important part. If you do not fuel your body correctly how can you expect it to perform to its best?
A typical days eating for me is around 270g of protein, 192g of carb and I also add in healthy fats.
I am sort of fussy when it comes to protein sources so I eat a lot of turkey mince. White potatoes, white rice and oats are my favourite carb sources. Nuts, nut butter, avocado and coconut/fish oils for fats. Greens for fibre.
A training day would be a bit like this.
I use Genetic Supplements Bio Whey with my porridge in the morning  to make it tasty.
I have coffee with coconut oil in it to kick start the day.
I also have a berocca drink and mix in Genetic Supplements Greens & Reds Powder for extra fibre and antioxidant properties. People don't eat enough fibre, this is a handy easy extra.
During the day I would eat 3 other meals usually consisting of turkey mince, white potato and avocado/nuts with some green veg.
Pre workout I have an apple and start to drink a mix of Genetic Supplements Hydra-Carb, Pepto Pro and Creatine with around 1.5 to 2 litres of water.
I drink this mix pre and intra training to keep hydration optimum and fuel readily available as it is absorbed more or less straight away. I feel people underestimate the importance of intra training nutrition.
Post workout I drink Bio Whey.
I also drink Bio Casein in fudge flavour before bed.
I also aim to drink 5 litres of water.

6. How important is nutrition for people's goals? 

I think it's best to keep nutrition fairly simple in regard to making up meals and being prepared, have the food made up ready to eat. The days it's becomes monotonous and boring think of the food as fuel for your training. That always helps me to stick to the plan.
I think nutrition is important to everyone's goals.
Just some small adjustments in nutrition  can make a large difference in how you feel and perform. 

7. How important is supplementation for recovery to you?

It's very important. I train a lot. And it's hard on your body and central nervous system. Optimal performance comes from optimum nutrition and recovery.
I also supplement with CNS Recover and Trans-Cissus+.
The CNS Recover is a particular favourite supplement of mine especially during intense training cycles.

8. Why did you choose Genetics Supplements?

I chose Genetic Supplements as they have the best range of supplements to support all aspects of my training, general health and recovery.
There is also knowledgeable staff to help and advise if needed.
The products are all of the highest quality and taste great. 

9. What are your favourite Genetic Supplement products? 

PeptoPro Coconut and Orange Mango Hydra-Carb are my personal everyday favourites along with Bio Whey.

10. Give the readers one piece of advice they should keep for the rest of their lives 

That's a hard one! I keep this close to my heart
"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on Fire "
I knew what it was that made my soul set on fire and I went for it.
It was has been a hard slog but totally worth it. 

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