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An Interview With Gareth Hogg

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Here at Genetic Supplements, we champion real heroes and truly inspirational characters. One such person is Gareth H and he supports the use of our products and has even written an ebook which he is giving away for FREE. Our Dr Emma asked Gareth Hogg some questions to find out some more about him and his motivation...

Can you tell us a little about your background?


My name is Gareth,

I’m a Level 4 PT, Nutrition Consultant & quite fond of (the occasional) good scotch.

I first became interested in health, fitness & nutrition at a relatively young age, a short time after my Dad suffered a heart attack (he came through it/ tough as old boots!) It began with wanting to know more about why individuals suffer from heart attacks, heart disease & other chronic conditions. I decided to investigate the risk factors and what part exercise, lifestyle & nutrition plays in the onset?

In 2007 I enrolled onto a 3 year Level 3 PT/ Nutrition Consultant course.

In 2012 I completed my BACPR Phase IV PT (Special Populations – COPD, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes) course.

I run an online Nutrition Consultancy and PT various clients. I have also written articles for PT Magazine and love me a bit of Calisthenics.

How did you begin your love of Genetic Supplements?

I first heard about Genetic Supplements when I got in touch with Neil over on Twitter, about 7 years ago.

The main attraction of the products was the unmatched quality and the care that each product is designed with.

There are thousands of supplements out there, and let’s face it, most of them are a scam. There are some that are solely promoted by celebrities and others that are backed by very little (if any) scientific evidence - This is where GS is different. Quality products that do what they say on the tin.

The first product I was interested in was HTP-5 Elite Sleep. On occasion, I suffered from sleep issues (probably due to the fact that I don’t metabolise caffeine that well, and I’m pretty much a sponge when it comes to a cup of Joe). HTP-5 has some quality ingredients that 100% aids rest/ recovery.

What are your 3 go to supplements?

Genetic Supplements Bio-Whey Protein

When choosing Whey Protein, try to opt for quality rather than quantity. GS Bio-Whey tastes and mixes great (no lumps) Aim for in around 1.4- 2.4g/kg/BW/PD, depending on your goals.

Genetic Supplements Fish Oil

The ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 has changed dramatically due to the widespread use of vegetable oils. Our near optimum ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is around 2:1-3:1, nowadays; unfortunately, this ratio can be as high as 25:1 in favour of Omega 6. Although in moderate amounts, Omega 6 can provide some health benefits, Omega 6 is Pro-Inflammatory & elevated intake is linked to Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Obesity and Asthma. Aim to consume your Omega 3 EFAs through dietary means if possible (Coldwater Fish, Chia), and/or choose a high-quality Fish Oil supplement - 2-6g per day (ref:

Genetic Supplements Vitamin D3

The amount of Vitamin D that we produce is determined by a number of factors: time of day, skin pigmentation, body fat levels, pollution, location (latitude). As far as food sources are concerned, there is a limited no. which are rich in Vitamin D. Some foods like oily fish like Salmon, Mackerel & Herring contain Vitamin D.

What motivated you to write an entire ebook and then give it away for FREE?

It’s Free.

It’s no frills.

It works.

The reason I wrote this FREE guide was pretty simple. I want to help as many people as possible who are struggling with Weight Loss. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with a lot of individuals who have dieted (successfully), stopped dieting, and reverted back to type, time and time again. One of the main problems I’ve come across is the number of Fad Diets that are out there.

Fad Diets work. Of course, they do. They create a calorie deficit. That’s not the problem. The problem is - they are simply not sustainable.

This has to be a lifestyle change. Creating new habits, and sticking to them. You don’t have to count calories, points, coloured days to successfully lose weight, and keep it off and THIS is the message I want to get out there!

More FREE guides are on the horizon. From Mobilisation/Correction techniques for avid Gym goers to My Pistol Squat Guide and more. Watch this space.

How can people get themselves a copy of your FREE ebook?

My main ambition within the fitness industry is to help as many people as I can with their Fitness/ Weight Loss goals, to continually improve my knowledge and better myself.

You can contact me on with any questions/client enquiries and of course, to get your FREE Simple Fat Loss Guide.

Gareth Hogg

L4 PT/ Nutrition Consultant

Dr Emma Kirke