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Building muscle and getting lean!

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Quite often we find ourselves over-complicating things, especially when it comes to training, building and getting lean. There is so much information out there with conflicting ideas and slants it is easy to get drawn in and confused, leading to little evidence of results.  


Rest is just as important as the training. Do not overtrain either, overtraining will stunt your growth. You need to train heavy and intense. If you do the same weight or same intensity you will not get bigger.

A good workout needs to involve a full stretch and contraction of the muscle. Concentrate on your form. Split your training so you don’t overtrain certain muscle groups. Ideally, you should aim to train each body-part no more than once every 7 days. This is very very important especially if you are natural. Try this...

Monday - Chest, Triceps and Shoulders

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Back, Biceps and Forearms

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Quads and calves

Saturday - Hamstrings and Glutes

Sunday - Core and Abs

Next is the nutrition element!

You can’t get big or lean without your nutrition being on point. If you want to look like a bodybuilder you need to eat like one. You may well need to eat carbs and protein and fats in your preferred ratio but if you are just starting out remember that protein being drip fed to your muscles day and night is paramount. Our Casein would provide this overnight supply.

You should try to eat 5 times a day if you are trying to up your caloric quantity. The basic rule is 2g of protein per 1lb of bodyweight. Beef Chicken Turkey and fish are great sources to consume. Try to buy high-quality sources. Ensure you use the best quality whey, our Bio Whey is traceable, Swiss, grass-fed and micro-blended. Cheap protein will not do the job and will certainly not help you build or get lean. Try to drink one of our shakes within 20-30 minutes of your workout especially if you can’t get your meals in.

Finally boosting your testosterone!

We have an incredible history in research-based products. If you truly want to build muscle fast and get lean fast then you need a safe and effective testosterone booster. Testosterone is the master hormone that builds strength, muscles and keeps you lean. Taking our Genestrone usually sees you lifting heavier and seeing progress within a week. Why not try all these tips for a month and let us know how pleased you are with the results.

Dr Emma Kirke