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Dave English shares some training insights

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I'll start this with an obligatory disclaimer, I'm by no means a nutritionist or am I anywhere close to single digit body fat. We have way more switched on people at Genetic with nutrition, but I am a 46-year-old bloke who works shifts, manages a very high training load, competes at a sport that cries out for more intensity all the time, tries to balance life and hopefully not in too bad nick (ignore my dad fat).

My Story

I was a really chubby kid, always active but never skinny, at about 15-16 I discovered bodybuilding where I met Neil, the man behind Genetic.

I trained at an old school gym for years and competed in a couple of shows with half decent results, no top spot I'm afraid.

At 21, I joined the fire service and my bodybuilding stopped.

I was really fit following my training course and carried on training but never got back into bodybuilding.

I started playing rugby at about 23-24 and also played catch up with the drinking I'd missed while being a bit younger. I played front row and back in the day, we didn't look like the athletes they are now. With the obligatory loads of pints after playing and really bad food choices, I ended up about 18 stone, still pretty fit but way too heavy. I think I caught a look in the mirror one morning getting out of bed and thought "yup that's enough".

So trained for the next, I don't know how long, to lose a bit of fat. I did loads of cycling and raced downhill mountain bike but was still too heavy.

Everything changed when I joined Spartan Performance where I train now.

I became interested in nutrition and had a dally with all kinds of diets and protocols. The one thing I've noticed, and basically what this article is about, is when I was consistent with what I was following it worked.

But I always felt like I was missing out, which when you are overweight and don't want to be I'm afraid it is going to be that way.

Quick fix, 12 week or any other system that promises all kinds amazing results are always going to be hard to sustain, and to me, this is key to long-term successful weight loss /management because if you've been fat it can come back that's for sure.

Moving on a few years I'm at a B/F % which isn't by any means what you'd call beach ready but I'm happy I can keep my inner fat lad at bay.

And to be honest I'm more worried about...

1. My performance - so if I feel slow, weak or under-recovered, guess what? I eat more.

2. My health - I have a beautiful little girl and I'm sure as hell gonna be here and fit for as long as I can be with her.

    As I mentioned earlier, my training load is really high and intense which I love. My best results in body comp and training have come following a Macro based protocol from Jack Lovett (owner of Spartan Performance). But it's not rocket science: just be consistant with what you do, make the right choices and realise we all slip up now and then.

    That's life.

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