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Dave's CrossFit Experience

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#TeamGenetic were out in force in Paris for the CrossFit event. Dave English, Evander Harewood and Aoife Burke. 

We asked Dave to give us the insider view of the comp from his unique perspective. 

French Throwdown 

What an experience, this was by far the most prestigious competition I've done, it's the only CrossFit sanctioned event outside of The CrossFit Games and it showed with the organisation, money spent, location and calibre of athletes.

To be honest I just scraped qualifying as only top ten over 45's get in. So I went to Paris having seen who I was up against with no expectations, just hoping to finish a bit higher than I qualified. I knew full well they'd be aloof movements I would struggle with but in my mind, I thought just make the most of what you're good at.

Event 1 

Not great for me.

  • 3 times through

  • 800m run

  • 9 pull ups

  • 6 chest to bar pull ups

  • 3 bar muscle ups

  • 30 Calorie ski erg

First run and pull-ups went well then 2 muscle ups in I went to pot and missed my next few attempts. Eventually finishing the first round behind I egotistical went through the next run and pull ups. I spent the remaining time struggling and riving on trying to get MU's eventually after losing a lot of skin on my hands and a lot of face in front of a couple of thousand people I hit the time cap so 10th (last place). Not starting the way I'd hoped.

Event 2

21, 15 and nine reps each of:
  • 50kg Sandbag ground to over shoulder

  • 24" Box Jumps.

I felt a lot more comfortable when I saw this workout bit more of my cup of tea (low skill hard graft).

Went out pretty hard from the start, as knew this was going to be a sprint, I felt strong on the sandbag and was one of the first onto box jumps but my box jumps are a little slow so everyone caught up. So once again I was onto the sandbag I knew I couldn't back off at all as I needed to make up time. The whole workout went like this but ended up finishing 6th there wasn't a lot of time between any of us. So pretty happy with my performance and know I need to try up my box jump speed.

Event 3

My nemesis had to come up, those that follow me will know my issues with handstand push ups.

Four rounds of:
  • 70 double unders

  • 9 handstand push ups

  • 4 Squat snatch at 60kg

First set of double unders went well and was first onto HSPUs I've been working on these but still struggle. I got the first 5 done then my shoulders gave up so everything started going wrong and I kept missing reps and getting frustrated, eventually getting through a few rounds but again embarrassing in front of so many people. 

Finished last in that one but due to my 6th in the last event I was sitting 9th overall so climbing.

Event 4

Definitely happy about this one.

  • 1000m Erg bike

  • 50 Dumbell Hang Clean amd Jerk 2 X 22.5kg

I was first off the bike but needed to not go too fast, and try not to blow up. The first 20 reps were no problem, but life got hard from there on in and had to grind all the following reps. We had to do 10 then move on and repeat hardest part was resisting putting Dbells down and taking a breath.

But all went to plan and I finished 2nd in this event.

So happy boy and climbing higher again.

Event 5

This was a very simple but brutal workout that used only 2 16kg Kettlebells. 

Six rounds of:
  • 12 Kettlebell Thrusters

  • 12 Burpees over Kettlebells

I knew this was going to hurt as I'd tried it prior to leaving and had a time of 10 and a half minutes.

I knew I had a chance of doing OK.

So from the off it was a case of go as hard as possible make sure I didn't no repped and just don't stop moving.

Jeremy the guy in the lane next to me set off hot on my heels and pushed me through the first few rounds after round 3 everything was screaming but once I'm halfway I'm mentally quite strong and tend to think, nearly done.

So I managed to start creeping ahead, as I moved to round 5 I knew I was out I'm front so it was a case of just going unbroken on the remaining rounds. School boy error as I moved to round 6 I took a breath then got cracking this cost me first place I finished 2nd by 3 secs. 

But this put me into 6th place by only 1 point which left me out of the final so mission accomplished finished higher than I started.

Looking back this was the best I could've hoped for as the final had Ring Muscle Ups in, which isn’t my strong point. 

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