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Dave's First Means Everything Experience

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Gameday always starts early, 5.30am to get food in and sort dogs before leaving.

So I got to the venue at 7.30am to get signed on. The athlete briefing was at 8am where we get told the events for the day but the organisers kept finals workout under wraps. Listening to the workouts being announced, I was pretty happy I had everything in my wheelhouse (not much gymnastics thankfully).

I was in the first heat at 9am so after briefing I had to get fitted for my heavyweight skipping rope from Raptor Ropes which will be apparent when you read about that heat.

Heat 1

Straight into the warm-up area for Heat 1 which was a Hang Snatch, cleverly done the workout was best Snatch total over 5, 2-minute windows.

You were allowed as many lifts as you liked in that window at the weight you had declared BUT if you missed every lift you wouldn't score for that window, so it was a case of trying to be smart and pick a weight that I could hit but also be heavy enough to score well. A lot of people started on the light side but climbed, my plan was to go same weight in them all.

I started well, think 'yup' but noticed people were climbing towards what I was hitting so I decided to go up after first 2 windows. I ended up hitting a PB matching my current Full Snatch so pretty happy at finishing 2nd, losing out by 2.5 kg in total amount lifted.

Heat 2

So after nailing a load of Hydra-carb and catching up with people, chilling for a bit, it was time for Heat 2.

This was pretty hard graft...
- 2 mins max calorie row
- 1.5 min max calorie skierg
- 1 min max reps devil press
- 1 min single arm overhead lunge
- 1 min max reps devil press
- 1.5 min max cal skierg
- 2 min max calorie row

Devil press is a burpee into an overhead press with dumbells and not pleasant.
I took the win on this.

It was hard graft and a case of hitting a good strong sustainable pace the whole way through and then giving it beans to finish.
Another really close hard fought event.

Definitely, time for more Hydra-carb and Pepto-pro after that one. When I compete I generally can't stomach food so I tend to just live on Hydra-carb throughout the day and that keeps me fuelled and hydrated.

Lunch break so we had about 1.5 hrs between heat just enough time to recover and get back to feeling good to go.

Heat 3 

After lunch, the next heat was split into two parts. Both were as many reps as possible in 4 minutes this is where those heavy ropes came into play, the first time I've actually used them.

- 0-4 min
- 30 Double Unders (rope passes under twice whilst skipping)
- 10 Overhead Squats 30kg
- 4-8 min
- 30 Double Unders
- 10 burpee over a loaded Barbell
- 10 Toes to Bar

The first part I won by 5 reps, second part I got beat by 1 rep. This is the way the whole day went back and forward with Rob Briggs.

I couldn't believe how gassy this workout was. Unfortunately, my midline blew up on the T2b and I had to resort them being a little slower and doing singles. More work needed on T2B but I only just learned to link them a month ago so not complaining too much.

Heat 4

Going into the last heat before the cut for finals, I was joint first but felt confident of getting a good result as it was going to play to my strengths.

Last heat was for time...
- 30 Calorie Assault Airbike
- Grace (30 Clean and Jerk)
- 30 Calorie Assault Airbike

(The Assault bike for those lucky enough to have never been on one is like an old-fashioned bike with a big fan and handles that move back and forward sure it was designed by the devil to suck out your soul)

I did have a plan in mind going into this about pacing at about 80 rpm and 3 sets of 10, touch and go clean and jerks. I got off the bike first and got my first 10 reps out then realised that wasn't going to happen so I did a few singles to try and recover. Pitting in triples when I could, my judge was awesome egging me on .

Once I was back on the bike I noticed I was the only one on the bike till I was at 10 cals so I knew it was mine to lose. Thankfully, I didn't blow up and finished about a minute ahead of everyone.

This is definitely a testament to my programming from Ld Performance Training as we do a lot of this type of stuff. Also, bear in mind how much energy I had expended during the day and I'm still full of beans from Hydra-carb. To be honest, I was as happy about this as finishing 1st.

This result put me in first place going into the finals.

After a break the organisers announced the finalists and the workout.


It was one of the original CrossFit workouts "Fran" except it was done with dumbells and not a Barbell Fran is 21,15,9 reps of Thrusters and pull ups. This means 21 Thrusters, 21 pull ups 15,15, then 9,9. I had previously done this and took over 4 minutes but haven't redone in a long time.

So 3,2,1 go, it's now or never, can't leave anything in the tank. I got through the Thrusters well, jumped onto the pull-up bar and thought 'yup got this' and managed 21 pull-ups unbroken. I dropped off straight into 15 Thrusters, it's always this round that's the killer. I got them cracked off quick, heart rate is now through the roof. Back on the bar and across the rig, diagonally opposite I can see Rob who I need to beat which spurred me on. I managed 10 pull-ups dropped, shook my arms and back up for another 5, dropped off. Then, my judge said 1 left as I had been no-repped, not quite chin over the bar so back up for 1 rep then into the round of 9's.

The Thrusters went quick and in my head, I'm screaming 'you got this', 9 good reps and done. I dropped off the bar to see Rob hitting the deck, he'd beaten me by 3 seconds. My time was 2.57, well over a minute quicker than my previous time and I think it's harder and slower with dumbells so although I got beat this was a little personal victory.

This result put us both finishing 1st in 3 heats and 2nd in 3 so a draw for first place.

Although I have been chasing that top step and would've loved it all to myself, it was a pleasure to share with Rob after such a close fought battle. I think we both deserved to be stood together on top.

Absolutely amazing day and a well organised competition from the guys at First Means Everything.

Massive thank you to Neil and Genetic Supplements for ongoing support and faith in me. I'm so glad I can represent such a great brand and get the top step for you.

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