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Fermented Foods - ZERO B/S Guide

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You know I'm massive on gut health.

Call it the 'second brain' or whatever fancy name ya like, facts are facts: you can't use what you don't absorb!

These days, food is rife with garbage additives, artificial hormones and all types of nasty cr**p to keep it on the shelves longer.

This is wreaking HAVOC with our guts, so much so that majority of diseases are now believed to begin inside the stomach!

So, if you feel like you've been smashed to the stomach by Tyson on a daily basis, you're gonna want to check out these Fermented foods that will work to rebuild your gut flora and restore the balance of positive bacteria:

  • Kimchi: Korean veg - most major supermarkets carry some good quality Kimchi these days. Great side dish to meat/fish.
  • Natural yoghurt: not the sugar-laden garbage. Opt for the best your money can buy.
  • Kombucha: I was a skeptic at first, but I'm WELL on the hype train with this one, as I've been supplementing it myself the last few weeks.
  • Greens & Reds: If you don't consume enough portions of fruit & veg, this will be essential for you.

Make sure to integrate at least ONE of these on a daily basis, and start rebuilding your gut health from this day forward.


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