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Our most popular supplement is Bio Whey UMF, the point of this article is to see whether or not this product can help you. First things first let’s talk about what is actually in this product. 

Bio Whey UMF has "UMF" whey protein, this protein is in my opinion one of the richest in quality due to the stringent selection from Switzerland. Another benefit of the UMF protein is that it has tiny particles, this means that passing through the gut wall is much easier, which also means that bloating and gastric discomfort is erased and allows for fast absorption. The digestive enzymes within the protein enhance digestion and faster utilization of the nutrients within the product. 

Increasing protein intake would benefit anybody, this isn’t a supplement that would only fit weightlifters. If you’re a busy person and don’t have enough time or don’t like eating breakfast in the morning. Adding a scoop of Bio Whey UMF to a shake consisting of a large handful of spinach, 100g frozen berries, ½ avocado and 15g peanut butter would be a nutritious start to the day (add Greens & Reds Powder for even more health benefits). 

Another use for Bio Whey UMF which people may overlook is baking. Making healthy treats is an easy way to keep your diet on track, being a fun and creative activity for yourself or the family trying to construct a new protein cake or protein bar which will be your afternoon snack or desert after the evening meal. The exciting and wide range of flavors guarantees there will be a recipe to try, I promise that whatever flavor you choose will be exactly what you were hoping it would taste like. 

This gives you a really fast insight into why Bio Whey UMF could benefit you to becoming leaner, stronger and healthier. 

Alistair Fraser 

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