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Highcock's Home Truths

POSTED BY Dr Emma Kirke, Date :

Dan Highcock Genetic Ambassador

Our Genetic Ambassador, Dan Highcock reveals five home truths as to why you're not dropping fat and keeping it off...

1. You Are Not Ready To Make The Change

The reality of this statement is simple. If you only keep dipping your toe in the water and don't fully commit to making a change then you are simply NOT READY to do so.

At this point, you are probably valuing eating takeaways, drinking, smoking, drugs, or any other "thing" that does not SERVE YOU...

And you know what, that's cool, not everyone is ready to make a change to their lives for the better, some never will.

Sad really when you think about it as life is precious and feeling like a "bag of s**t" everyday is not how it's supposed to be.

2. You Are Listening To Too Many People or "Experts/Gurus"

As we all know, the mass of info that you get bombarded with in this area is ridiculous.

Put a post on social media asking for "the best diet" to follow and guaranteed the thread will end up at 50 comments minimum, ranging from someone who has never exercised before but done a 4 week cabbage soup diet, to a sock full of conkers type juice head, to an experienced coach with multiple years experience...

All giving their own opinions etc, now I'm not dissing on anyone, they are only trying to help, or at least I'd hope so...

But what happens here is you try a bit of this, then a bit of that, go round in circles with your head up your arse and getting nowhere.

My advice - choose a handful (at most) of people to follow and listen to, I'm not even saying listen to me...

Listen to someone who is educated, has experience, results and that you RESONATE with to your own particular circumstances.

3. You Are Not Consistent 

This ties in with the above, find something that's easy to stick to in terms of being able to do something consistently in the long term, don't chop and change if you don't drop a 5kg in a week like the cabbage soup person.

It's much better to hit the gym 3 times weekly for 40-50 minutes and eat well 80% of the time as opposed to training 90 minutes, 6 times weekly and eating impeccably and then resorting back to old ways after a few weeks.

BE CONSISTENT (this will look different for each person)

4. You Don't Put Yourself First

Yeah yeah, I hear ya, this is a selfish statement right... Hell no it’s not..

If you don't put yourself first, your physical and mental health will, at some point be put at risk...

What use are you to those you hold nearest & dearest if you're overweight, depressed, stressed and a whole host of other medical issues that you don't want to have?

Fit your own oxygen mask first...

There's a reason we do that on aeroplanes...

5. You Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

Putting too much pressure on yourself to do "X" or "Y"  is a sure fire way to being unsuccessful in what you are doing.

I'm not saying "don't" put any pressure on yourselves, a little is good, trust me...

But don't set unrealistic goals, the same goals you read about other people "smashing" on social media, you are not them and they are not you...

When you do this you set yourself up to fail..

Then come to the feelings of failure, guilt, unworthiness etc etc

If you just make a 1% improvement each day/week then that's good right.

If you are constantly moving forward, no matter how fast, you are moving forward!

Not standing still, or worse...backwards.

Don't put too much on yourself, especially at the start....celebrate the small daily wins, each step forward is a win!

Dr Emma Kirke