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How to Calculate your Daily Calories

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Don't panic, I'm not losing it any more than usual. I'm talking about 'losing it' as in fat.

I've spoken to you before about fat loss plenty of times before, and I'll continue to hopefully educate you on it.

But this is something which I have to get off my chest and tell you.

Hormonal response to food, nutrient timing, quality of the food ya' eat and all that shit really matters. It's crucial like. Well, to me it is anyway.

When I post stuff on line re hormonal response, I normally get a dozen Alan Aragon disciples trying to discount what I say and try and make me look stupid in 143 characters or less when I go on about insulin response etc. etc.

But listen, since I have been more aware of the timing of carbs (more specifically, sugars), leptin signalling, growth hormone production optimisation, IGF-1 production, MGF production etc in the last few years, it's made a huge difference to my own personal body composition.

So, shoot me down if you like, hormonal response IS important to body composition. Period.

I digress once more.......Anyway...... hormonal response or not, we absolutely cannot afford to undervalue the importance of calories and their actions and also 'hidden' calories too.

There's so many people who aren't taking in to account a lot of the calories which they are eating, which is causing them to get fat/hamper fat loss and NOT see results. It's that simple like.

I guess you can optimise your hormones until your heart's content but if you're eating too much, then body fat will not change and it WILL go up if we're not careful.

It's that simple, the law of thermodynamics doesn't lie.

Whatever, 'hidden calories' is a really interesting topic because when's all said and done, there's all sorts of things which confuse people when it comes to calories. General myths are:

· Calories in drinks don't count

· Calories in the oil you cook food don't add up to anything.

· Calories from ‘clean’ foods don't count

Yes they do man! They ALL count!

Calories are not born equal and some are better than others, but they all still count OK?

So EVERY time you consume something, that's putting calories IN. Don't pretend they aren't. They DO!

Which brings me to UNDER consumption of calories being just as bad to your fat-loss goals. Yup, restrict your calorific intake to stupid levels for long enough and your body ain’t gonna play the fat loss game either! How long is long enough? Not that long Amigo, the body ain’t stupid!

I know, I know, I was going on about hidden calories and now I’m back on hormones, lol.

Again, I’m not necessarily banging on logging, logging, logging…….I’m on about learning, learning, learning!

Learn what amount you need for YOU.

If you sit at a desk all day, your maintenance level requirements will be less than someone who puts up wind turbines for a living for example. Take this into account prior to calculating how many calories we need per day. This is where I see most people fail at the under-consumption fence! They’ll log what they use during a workout for example but not what they need to exist. Catch ma’drift?

So, today’s homework is under consumption of calories and hidden calories re fat loss………

There, it may have been a bit of a ramble but I got there in the end, lol.

Less rambling, more ranting next time I promise.

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