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An Interview with Dan Highcock

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1 - Can you describe exactly what you do as an athlete? 

I'm a pro wheelchair basketball player for BSR Amiab in Spain, I train roughly 4-6 hours a day Monday-Friday and play every Saturday night (training on court & in gym with some video analysis thrown in too). 

2 - How did you get into wheelchair basketball? 

I got in to WC basketball at age 13 when I couldn't do regular PE lessons at school whilst the other kids were doing football & rugby. I used to use the school multi gym (which is where I hit my passion for lifting I suppose) and then a new teacher came to our school, who was, luckily for me, a basketball fanatic and he put me in contact with a local WC basketball team in Liverpool. That is where my journey began...

3 - Can you describe the struggles you've faced dealing with your disability? 

Struggles I've faced are bullying (not for long though lol!!), being wrapped up in cotton wool, not being able to do regular things, being treated like I was stupid. To be fair, struggles are only struggles when we make them so in my opinion! 

4 - What advice would you give to anybody else facing a life changing situation? 

Don't let past or present results/situations affect your thinking moving forwards, everything is in your control to change. It all starts in that 6" in between your ears.

When people say "they can't" it's just a reflection of their conditioning, not their potential. Always look forwards! 

5 - You're clearly a massive inspiration to so many people, what are some of the most inspiring stories you've come across on your journey thus far? 

Honestly, there are too many to mention, for me, everyone can be an "inspiring story" in their own right... After all, you are the one who creates your own destiny/reality. 

6 - Describe a typical training week for you... 

Monday - 90 minutes S&C early morning 
90 minutes skills session on court
2 -2.5hr team session in evening
Tuesday and Thursday are same
Wednesday is just a 90 minute S&C session and yoga
Friday is a 60 minute shooting session and yoga
Saturday is neural charge session in gym in the am and game in the evening. Sunday is rest day!

Currently I work with Christian Thibaudeau in terms of S&C.

7 - What are the toughest parts of your training regime? 

The toughest part of my training regime is being consistent, having the motivation to keep going day in day out. It is the hardest part of any athletes regime in my opinion.

Anyone that says they are 100% motivated 100% of the time are full of s***! We are human, not robots, we all have days, sometimes weeks where we just don't want to do it (even though we love what we do). 

8 - How does your nutrition help with recovery and progression?

Nutrition is paramount to recovery and progression.

You can't expect to fill your body full of s*** and then feel, look and perform at your best. 80-90% of my nutrition is nutrient dense single ingredient food sources and I eat organic where possible.

9 - Can you describe a typical day's eating for you?

5.30am - pint of water and shot of organic espresso
6am- Advantage-Ultra and Workout Food 2.0 on route to gym
Intra gym session- Sustain 2.0 
PW - Bio Whey UMF 3 scoops, Hydra-Carb 2 scoops
8.30 ish - 150g steak, 30g nuts, 100g greens and 5g butter
11.30 - as above
14.00- 200g chicken breast or thigh (depends what I feel like) with salad or mixed veggies and about 100g basmati rice, followed by a plate of mixed fruits
16.30- peanut butter and Nutella on toast
Pre team training - Workout Food 2.0 and Game Edge
Intra - Sustain 2.0 1 scoop
Post- Hydra-Carb or Haribos
Dinner- protein source such as meat/chicken/fish with greens and sweet potato


Greens & Reds Powder
Fish Oils Omega-3
Immune Support 
Bio Whey UMF 
Sustain 2.0 
Game Edge
PA - Phosphatidic Acid

10 - What are your fundamental beliefs in relation to nutrition?

You are not what you eat, but what your food eats.
Primarily diet high in protein, high in greens and fats is the way forward and incorporate carbs as fits in with your individual goals. 

If it's ran, swam, flew or grown then it's generally all good. 

11 - For "every day" people reading this, how important is nutrition to their goals?

It doesn't matter whether you are a pro athlete or an average Joe training for your own personal goals, nutrition is key to feeling your best, looking your best and performing at your best. The only difference maybe is the optimisation of nutrient timings that a pro athlete will have.

12 - Why did you choose Genetic Supplements over any other brand? 

I chose Genetic Supplements not only because of their innovative approach to their products and the quality of them, but because I TRUST them! Having worked with other brands in the past I know only too well what a charlatan based industry sports supplements can be. 

13 - How important is supplementation to recovery, health and progress?

It's super important as there are just some things you cannot get in high enough doses from the foods you eat. Let's be honest, there are some people that just flat out struggle to eat certain things so if supplementing helps said people progress forward it can only be a good thing. 

14 - What are your favourite Genetic Supplement products and why?

 It changes weekly! 
I love Workout Food 2.0, Game Edge and CNS Recover the best.
They tick eveything that I need for maximum performance and recovery for my sport. 

15 - Give one piece of advice to the readers which they should keep with them for the rest of their life... 

Comparison is the thief of joy, focus on your own journey and keep putting 1 foot in front of the other to keep moving forwards!

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