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More Highcock Home Truths...

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I was just thinking to myself about how we are already halfway into the third month of 2018.

I then started to wonder how many people did what they were gonna do starting January 1st and drop a lot of body fat...

I know with absolute certainty that some didn't even make it past week one.

I know that some did a few weeks and thought "forget it" and reverted back to normal.

I know... blah blah blah. You get the picture...

So here are a handful of reasons why this happens (there's actually many more than five but I like the number five, it's my birthday, lucky number, playing number and I'm the one who's writing this so I get to decide lol)

1. You don't have a plan (or you do but it's a load of undies)

When starting a fat loss plan, you want to make as few changes as possible to get a result, this way as things slow down then you can add things in as you go.
For example, I see a lot of people start a fat loss plan and want to train six days a week lifting and doing fasted cardio, 🙄🙄(this DOES NOT burn more fat btw) eating chicken and broccoli and dropping calories ridiculously...

Now whilst I applaud the eagerness, what happens is that after a few weeks, you're gonna start to feel tired, motivation goes and you end up falling off the wagon.

I've been there myself many moons ago so don't worry, if you don't know you don't know, that's why I'm here to help. 👍🏻

PS. If you ever start to work with a coach and they prescribe fasted cardio for fat loss and have you eating a rigid meal plan for the duration of your time with them that consists of eight meals a day of only chicken/white fish and greens the ALARM BELLS should start ringing. #ProTip

2. You go into "forget it" mode

Linking into the above regarding falling off the wagon...

Everyone at some point or other will have fallen off the wagon...and that's okay..
In the grand scheme of things, it isn't gonna make a difference (unless you're stepping onto stage within a week or so) but the thing that does make a difference is this...

Thinking "forget it" and then either missing the rest of the week's training sessions because you've missed one or two or binging and carrying on eating in a way that's not in line with your goals because you had a dessert or went way over your macros or calories...

The forget it mode is dangerous, acknowledge if you veer off plan, accept it, and crack on again...simple no?

3. You are not realistic

How so?

Well, a lot of people want to lose a ton of fat in a short amount of time. This can be done but it's far from optimal to continue eating and training in such a manner to do so.

At the start they are happy, losing weight/fat quick, then comes the dreaded week where they get all wound up because they have only lost a pound or two instead of five or six.

These are generally people who should be addressing the poor eating habits they have formed over years and years, sort these out first and that in itself will yield great, healthy, and lasting results.

4. You use fad diets

I'm sorry (well actually I'm far from sorry as it bugs the living heck out of me) if anyone gets butt hurt here but this is the truth...

If you are using one of the many popular MLM style products that encourage a liquid type, juicing colon cleansing diet then JUST STOP.


I'm not going into any detail on the whys etc as I seriously haven't got a spare hour to do so...

Just know that the likely hood is that you will massively rebound with weight gain and it will mess up your metabolism, digestion and hormonal profile.

Stop looking for the quick fix route.

5. What do you do after?

This is a common problem I come across when working with my one on one clients who have worked with other coaches previously.

Yes, they get into great shape but why is it that four to six weeks later they have put back on some timber.

You need to have a plan for AFTER the plan.

You need something that is sustainable and can be continued forever.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Big love ✌🏻❤🙏🏻 - Dan Highcock

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