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“New Year New New You" must start with changes to you!

POSTED BY Dr Emma Kirke, Date :

The “New Year New You” motto is as ingrained into our lives as nut
butter and protein powder. Perhaps it is merely catchy but it does
hold a home truth, in all honesty, any life changes really do have to
start with you.

You are the only person that can make those life
altering changes however small and insignificant they may seem.
Have you been feeling a little under-motivated? Overcommitted?
Weak-willed? Or perhaps social media addicted? The “Old You” is
perhaps not the best-suited person to be making these life-altering
decisions. Old you perhaps isn’t quite hitting those targets but
would you trust a lazy personal trainer that never worked out or a
supplement company that only thinks about aesthetics and not
health? Do you have a track record or starting out with good
intentions, setting the plan in place but it never quite reaches
Behind the lure of the “New Year, New You” promise is the myth that
one last push of willpower will finally lead to that perfect ideology
that you seek. The January fresh start feeling perhaps being the key
to this long history of logic. So this final push in effort will topple you
off the peak into the precipice of productivity, health, perfection, well

being and healthy eating of course not but what a beautiful
romanticised fairytale of hope.
As anyone of our athletes will tell you, real change is a
transformation that requires the undertaking of commitment and
arduous road. There is a myriad of reasons you will give yourself
not to change. Perhaps your reasons for overeating or taking on
too much seem reasonable and well thought out. It is quite
magnificent how our minds have such power. The transformation
begins there. Perhaps the most logical way to shift your mindset is
to shelve the concepts of both the old and the new you and focus
on the present you. Taking each day as it comes and reset every
evening. If you had the ”perfect” day this is fabulous but unrealistic
to expect to repeat this tomorrow and for every day thereafter. Lower
your expectations of yourself. Today is the first day of the rest or
your week. Repeat this to yourself every day and eliminate the “I will
start my “diet” and “new me” plan on Monday!”

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Dr Emma Kirke