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Do You Want To Avoid Colds This Winter?

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In the UK we know during the autumn and winter it gets colder. With that usually comes the usual “seasonal” cold and for some, more aggressive viruses attack the immune system. With the change in weather you start to dress differently on the outside, wearing more layers to keep warm right? So, maybe you should start eating and supplementing differently on the inside to stay healthy. 

Training hard is very good for health and it also makes you look great, we know that already. What some people don’t necessarily appreciate is training hard actually makes your immune system work over time because there’s always recovery to support. This is fine, but in the colder months it can leave your defenses a bit thin on the ground with all the “lurgi” floating about.

So how can you compensate for this?

It’s actually quite simple, most of your diet can remain unchanged presuming it’s already full of fresh vegetables and natural food. The bit which I would make more effort with is immune boosting properties.

Here are somethings to consider, if I were you…


Berries are abundant in antioxidants which are just what your immune system wants to fight away toxins. Blueberries taste great, goji berries are perhaps less “mainstream” but are even richer in antioxidants! In fact, they have around 5 times as many as you'd get from blueberries.

Kiwi Fruit 

Vitamin C is obviously very important for your immune system. Oranges are usually what people turn to for more Vitamin C but kiwi fruits contain twice as much on a “pound for pound” basis. 


Broccoli and spinach are the ones which spring to mind, although most things which are green are good for you (when talking vegetables at least!). The easiest way to get a diverse range of 32 organic super foods, many of which are “green” is by using Greens & Reds Powder.

Our MegaVIT gives you your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of your essential vitamins as well as a meaningful dosage of many minerals. All of these things are very important for the immune system, this is the simplest way to bulletproof your immune system. 

Drinking plenty of water is also a good way to keep free of illnesses. As you get colder it’s harder to drink as much cold water, so keep a 2 litre water bottle and aim to drink two per day! 

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