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Switch Alcohol for THIS...

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Most of us enjoy a good drink, especially when the weather is like it is today!

But we're all aware that it wreaks havoc on our physiques, hormones, and overall health.

Specifically, your 'gut health', which you guys KNOW I'm massive on.

The gut is often called the 'second brain' and plays a critical role in the nutrients you absorb from food and your immune system.

If the microflora in your gut is out of whack, you can't really build muscle & lose fat - the body isn't designed to support intensive changes when the immune system is compromised...

Now, if you're like me, a fitness freak (wannabe, anyway lol) but still like to indulge from time-to-time, then you're gonna LOVE this new product I've discovered: Kombucha.

You may have heard about it before, but I'm not talking about the mass-marketed crap that's danced all over in supermarkets.

I'm talking about real quality, fermented foods that work WONDERS for ya gut while simultaneously giving ya a little 'buzz' with its mild euphoria.

Sound too good to be true?

I thought so myself, until I've been consistently (over 3 months now) sipping on this product from OMBucha.

I can say without question, that being able to drink my daily dose of probiotics is a pleasure, especially knowing I'm fortifying my health while STILL getting a decent buzz!

Its alcohol content is minimal (under 0.5%) so I'm not 100% sure on what the science is behind this euphoric feeling, but you've gotta try it to see what I mean!

I've been impressed with the research on this, so I'll continue to keep you updated on my progress.

Last visit to the docs was a breeze, and I'm feeling lighter and fitter than ever in my old age (lol) so I'm sure this is making a real difference.

Feel free to try out the Kombucha I've been supplementing with, and make sure to drop a note saying Neil told ya about it!

Neil Johnson, MD Genetic Supplements

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