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Unicorn Tears, Pink Elephants & ‘Pre-Workout’s’

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Hi All,

Pfffft! Pre-Workouts, eh? Feel free to roll your eyes and kiss teeth as/if the fancy takes ya!

Go on. Be my guest!

Back in my day, ‘Unicorn Tears and Pink Elephants’ were what you’d be seeing and crying about after 3 nights of zero sleep (or should that be N0 sleep………think about it, lol) after taking a shot of your chosen pre-training workout stimulant to the adrenal gland!

My personal favourite when I was a young’un? A product called Adrenal-Fatigue/24-7! **

Imagine it was prior to the dreaded ‘leg day’!

A Tuesday, obviously………………because everyone knows that Monday must be chest ‘n’ bi’s, right?

OK, OK! I may be hamming it up with the intro slightly but if you know me and more specifically, the Genetic Supplement’s brand ethos, you’ll know that I have been traditionally against making a ‘pre-workout’ type product in the, erm, ‘traditional’ style.


Well I’ll give you my opinion on the subject, thanks for asking.

‘Pre-workouts’ typically, have been all about getting ‘jacked’ before exercising and, doing more harm than good. Literally, and unfortunately, with tragic circumstances in some cases.

Believe me, this type of product has been a huge success of marketing B/S (that’s ‘Bro-Science, remember?) over substance.

Rather like ‘diet whey’ I guess. But that’s another ‘myth’ for another day!

But each to their own. Who am I to say, “I’m right” and people who choose these types of things are ‘wrong?’

“Yeah mate! We’re all free to lead our own lives and make our own choices. And besides, isn’t this email accompanied by a ‘get 15% off promotion for your ‘pre-workout’, Neil?”

Yup, you’re 100% bang-on! And a money-grabbing hypocrite is most certainly not how I wish to be perceived. No, what gets me really annoyed here however is the way ‘pre-workouts’ are marketed and with the greatest respect, named!

All ‘happy-hardcore’ and not one reference to the negatives that these things can bring to the user. I mean, please? Does something shaped like a ‘moo-nittins-box’ with a glow-in-the-dark skull and a stick of dynamite thrown in for good measure, say more about the power of marketing, or the state of mind/body of the user?

Yes, your ‘Hemo-Mega-Rage-Get-Off-Ya-Lips-NO-Physco-5000’ might allow you to ‘smash’ your session, there’s no doubt……if……you didn’t throw up all over the gym floor and decide to call off that night’s workout, that is!

So, let’s imagine you did smash it and you had the best session in the world! Ever!

Top Job! Consider my cap doffed and respect given.

But please, allow me a ‘but’ if ya will?

You get home and, hmmmmm, you know you should eat….but….meh, you don’t really fancy it because you’re still buzzing and can’t really face a single Dorito chip, let alone the prospect of a nutritious post-training wholefood plate of goodness!

So potentially, we miss our post-training meal(s).

It’s cool though because you just about managed your post-training shake, eh?

It’s bed-time soon anyway, yeah?

Ahh! Yup it’s bed-time. Still buzzing, huh?

Sleep is but an imaginary place at the moment, filled with My Little Pony, fluffy clouds of marshmallow, Jen & Benny’s ice cream, a ripped physique and probably a stage/beach in there somewhere too.

And probably will be for some hours to come………annnnnd you’ve got that 6am ‘X-FIT BootCamp Extreme Workout’ in the morning!

Ahhhh, but it’s OK because we’ve got our ‘Hemo-Mega-Rage-Get-Off-Ya-lips-NO-Physco-5000’, remember?

Hang on a minute though! When do we recover/grow muscle tissue/burn fat/produce most of our growth hormone/make gains/prime ourselves for the next workout?

Yes, you got it…..when we sleep. You know that ‘best session in the word’ you just had? It doesn’t mean Jack(*d) now!

OK, enough of me ranting on! Let others do what they do, concentrate instead upon my decision to go against the grain (personally) and design a ‘pre’ for Genetic Supplements.

Pretty obviously, people do like to use ‘pre’s and more often than not, despite my absolutely hilarious banter, will have at least tried such things in one form or the other and swear by them!

I know this because you guys tell me. Often. LOL.

Regularly the ‘Genetic Fam’ asked why we don’t do a pre-workout and also if we would consider doing one.

I, of course would answer in my usually very (un)subtle way and say: “because they’re a load of bol****s!”

But then, over a period of time……OK, years, admittedly. I started to think to myself, ‘hang-on a minute………”

I do not consider myself a small-minded person. I will always try to assess a situation from a number of different perspectives to ensure my opinion is fair, the best one I can form and one which is respectful to others and their opinions.

And yet, when it came to ‘pre-workouts’ I had my head well and truly buried in sand, a blind-eye turned, well and truly swept under the carpet!

So, I started to ask people’s opinion, rather than ‘laying down the law’ so as to speak and the response kinda shocked me, to be honest.

Yes, people agreed with me that, having tried the usual ‘chem-fest’ products out there, they felt uncomfortable using them. But if Genetic Supplements did a ‘pre-workout’ then they would trust it and maybe more to the point, use a ‘pre-workout’ because of that trust in our brand!

I think the final ‘push’ came from a phone call from Phil Graham: “Big Maun, we need a pre-workout!” came the request.

OK, I’m on it! I’ll do it! Work with me big guy! And he did!

So now you’ve picked yourself up off the floor with laughing so much by my riveting explanation as to why I wouldn’t do a ‘pre’, please let me explain why we have!

Question for ya! Why do we really need pre-training?

A stimulant? Perhaps, so as long as we know and appreciate the timing of such and its use within our other stimulant intake.

What do you mean? What do I mean? Lol.

OK, let’s assume you’re a morning trainer and you don’t drink 17 cups of coffee per day…. using a caffeine based ‘pre’ can bring huge benefits to pre-training applications.

But let’s assume you train at 6pm (onwards) and you use caffeine to see you through your day (because you’re shattered from no sleep etc etc), do you really want to be shooting in another few hundred ‘mgs’ of caffeine pre-workout?

Errr, I’ll take a punt here and say, “I’d rather not old chap, what-what!”

So, with this in mind:

First of all, we provided the choice of a caffeine-free or caffeinated version to suit late in the day trainers.

All other ingredients are shared between the two versions. Should the user require caffeine, if they’re an evening trainer through the week and a morning trainer at weekends, for example, the obvious answer here would be to stick the kettle on or to add in some Genetic Supplements Caffeine Caps.


‘Enough going around the houses, Neil……tell us about the product!’

“OK, I hear ya……..”

So, sometimes when I release a product for intra-training or whatever, we get people asking “does this replace product X”.

I can see where there may be confusion with cross-over products but with regards to ADVANTAGE ULTRA, its application is purely ‘pre-training’ and this applies whether you currently use Sustain 2.0/Workout Food/HydraCarb/PeptoPro for intra-training purposes, for example.

People who use GAME EDGE as a ‘pre’ can continue to do so should they wish, as ADVANTAGE ULTRA will bring benefits to the training session over and above the GAME EDGE product.

If you know me already, you’re probably aware that I’m a massive fan of nootropics and optimising mental performance as well as the physical. So with this in mind, we incorporated APLHA-GPC and Huperzine ‘A’ in our formulation. This combination will allow for greater muscular contraction and strength increases, as well as allowing for enhanced ‘mind-muscle data-processing’ as I like to call it. Tyrosine also aids in the correct ‘pre-train-priming’ of the body and mind. Tyrosine taken ‘pre’ will delay the ‘attention deficit’ we experience as we are involved in prolonged and exhaustive types of training.

Creapure® (The finest creatine monohydrate available) allows the body’s energy switch (ATP) to rapidly do its job. Creatine is also pivotal in the increase in performance of high-intensity exercise.

Something you may not have heard of but which I have become a huge fan of during the development of ADVANTAGE ULTRA by Mr Graham is Glycerol Monostearate. This component is classed as ‘hygroscopic’ and it really is amazing at hydrating the muscle tissue! This, of course, means that all the other components in ADVANTAGE ULTRA are being transported into the body at their optimum.

BioPerine® black pepper extract also aids with the adaption purpose and the addition of Arginine AKG also means we have optimal blood-flow and maximal Nitric Oxide transportation to the working muscle. All of these combined add to an optimised muscular ‘pump’ too! This may sound like it’s something more in-tune with bodybuilders but trust me, any sport-based trainer will gain from these advantages.

Priming the body with Beta Alanine will also aid in buffering lactic acid build up and also in the perception of reduced fatigue. Beta Alanine is very well documented to aid in lean muscle gain. Yes, this features in a lot of my ‘intra’ products but it’s because, put simply, I’m a huge fan of its benefits.

Finally Citric Acid and Malic Acid complete my creation to allow for optimal natural energy production, the countering of lactic build-up during training and aiding in the offset of fatigue during training.

So there we have it, ADVANTAGE ULTRA. A ‘pre-workout’ product!


As always, I’d love to hear from you and what your thoughts are on ‘pre’s’ or any other subjects you’d like me to revisit or write about.

Train Hard. Be Happy. Love.


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