Using Genetic Supplements For The First Time!

Using Genetic Supplements For The First Time!

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Just over 14 months ago I  started preparing for the BNBF Northern Middleweight Championship category. What a journey it has been and the Genetic Supplements  supplement line played a pivotal role in this. That day on stage I presented my years of dedication in the gym, taking second place.

By day I’m a personal trainer in Liverpool for Absolute Body Solutions, it’s been 4 years since I started out in this industry! The knowledge I have gained is largely from industry leaders including, Mark Coles, Phil Graham and Phil Learney amongst others.

My ambition is to become an outstanding personal trainer and help others achieve their goals and dreams in fitness. Arming myself with the best knowledge based on research is essential! On a personal level, I am obsessed with bodybuilding, this is something I do which co-insides with the industry. 

Now to my experiences with Genetic Supplements. During my competition prep I only wanted to put quality supplements into my body. Jordan Peters and Phil Learney, two people who I hugely respect in this industry spoke about the brand on numerous occasions. With no hesitation I started using the brand and discovered just how amazing they were, unlike anything I’d used before. The current list of supplements I use are:

- Advantage-Ultra

- Workout Food 2.0

- Sustain 2.0 

- Bio Whey UMF

Here are my real life experiences with each product, unfiltered and unedited for your benefit! 


Advantage-Ultra is the best pre-workout I’ve ever tried, full stop! 

Pre-workouts are always popular but most are terrible - full of cheap ingredients in small dosages which aren't good for muscle growth or performance. Genetic Supplements do things differently - a quick look at the ingredients of Advantage-Ultra explains exactly why it’s so good! Lets take a look:

Caffeine: This is something you will see in most pre-workouts! What you won’t see is caffeine being used in the right dosage - ideally 300mg per serving. Advantage-Ultra gets the caffeine dosage just right so I notice an immediate uplift before training.

APLHA-GPC and Huperzine ‘A: This ingredient isn't used much in pre-workouts which is one of the reasons Advantage-Ultra is so effective! This ingredient improves muscle contraction and strength, two things we all want in the gym. 

Creapure: Creatine helps speed up ATP replenishment during the workout, enhancing performance and muscle growth. It also makes the muscle “swell up” in size. Most creatines are really bad at getting past the gut though so their effect is limited. CreaPure is regarded as the premium source of creatine for good reason. 

Glycerol Monostearate: This is here to hydrate the muscle properly, an essential role in performance! 

BioPerine (black pepper) & Arginine AKG: These ingredients help with cellular swelling, giving a massive pump in the gym and creating more size along the way. This works incredibly well! 

Beta Alanine: One of my favorites! Its main job is to buffer lactic acid and reduce muscle tiredness, which means you can potentially get a few extra reps out of the set, which in turn will leads to better hypertrophy results. This is something that hugely appeals to me, knowing that I can eek out 1-2 more reps.

Citric Acid & Malic Acid: These both help with the natural production of energy, working alongside the caffeine. More performance equals better results! 

Workout Food 2.0 

Having experienced the benefits of cyclic dextrin during my workouts firsthand I though Workout Food 2.0 seemed the logical next step. The amazing team at Genetic Supplements HQ advised I try it, so I did!

The ingredient profile of Workout Food 2.0 is on another level, here are some of my favorites:

PeptoPro (Casein Hydrolysate):  The main difference between BCAAs and PeptoPro is that the latter has a full spectrum of amino acids, supporting recovery and growth. Due to its fast absorbing properties, it is digested immediately which helps fight away catabolism and keep your body anabolic. 

HBCD:  The benefits of highly branched cyclic dextrin are that it is absorbed very fast into the system, at the same time carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle. 

A-Alpha Ketoglutarate:  Helping with nitric oxide levels, which improves the “pump.” With more vasodilation comes increased muscle expansion and nutrient transportation. 

Leucine:  This is one of the BCAAs found in Workout Food 2.0 as well as iso-leucine and valine. Leucine is hugely researched to help with maximizing protein synthesis! This is a great example of hard factual science being used to build muscle and performance. 

There’s no question my progress and workouts have improved significantly since using Workout Food 2.0 during training! 

Sustain 2.0 

Personal experience has taught me to start taking Sustain 2.0 just before my workout, along with my Advantage-Ultra before switching over to Workout Food 2.0!

12g 'Advanced Technology' iBCAAs: I know you might be thinking what can make BCAAs so advanced, trust me read this and try the product. The thing that makes the BCAAs so good is the quality, they are manufactured in leading facilities throughout Japan and the USA. Most BCAAs amazingly come from human hair or duck feathers, gross! The BCAAs used in Sustain 2.0 are derived from vegetables, making them much cleaner. 

It is also the serving size of each compounds to help promote the best outcome in performance and body composition. 

5g Citrulline Malate

3g Beta Alanine

3.4g ‘Beet’ Nitrate

Sustain 2.0 is a firm favorite of mine and I know it’s one of the best-sellers on the market! There’s a reason for that. 

Bio Whey UMF 

Bio Whey UMF is the best-selling product from the Genetic Supplements range! After using whey protein most people complain about having an upset stomach, feeling gassy and generally unwell. Not with Bio Whey UMF! The “UMF” means it digests so much easier and the fact it’s 99% lactose free makes a huge difference too. It gives you 31g of the finest protein per serving, from grass fed cows in the Swiss alps! This is the only protein powder of its type in the UK, it doesn't get any cleaner which is why all of my PT clients are told to use this instead of anything else.


The supplement world is absolutely full of marketing material which can be very confusing, not to mention misleading. As a PT who wants to help people improve their life I thought it’d be a great idea to document my personal experiences with my supplement stack so you can make a more informed decision.

Hopefully I’ve helped you!

Alistair Fraser 

Genetic Supplements