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What Are Intra-Workout Supplements?

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Here at Genetic Supplements, we develop all our products with your maximum performance output in mind. This month we are focusing on our intra-workout range. 

As the term “intra” suggests, these are supplements taken during a workout. They can provide a boost of energy, additional endurance and improved power while you are training. They are also designed to improve protein sympathies and support recovery after a workout.

Yes, our intra-workout supplements are designed to be compatible with pre-workout and post-workout nutrition. It's always wise to double-check the label though as the science advances. As well, you can consider taking your intra-workout supplement before exercise WITH your pre-workout if you'd like.

So what are intra-workout supplements and how do they work?

As the name suggests, the intra-workout supplement is a nutrient formula that is taken by people while they are working out. It acts as a performance maximizer and boosts your energy levels enabling you to carry out the training more efficiently.

Most of the food supplements are taken before or after exercise sessions but this type of a formula is directed towards the time duration of the workout. They are supposed to be taken in during the training, slowly and gradually.

Immediate intake of an intra-workout supplement is ineffective because it is used to provide a set amount of nutrients for a set duration of time and fast intake will only reduce that time period.

It was not very long ago that experts in the field were looking for a way to enhance human capabilities for training and workouts and bringing about the reduction in recovery times between these workouts. After several years of research and studies, we came up with the formula that could be taken in during the workout time. Not before, not after, but in between the exercise sessions.

The common ingredients in most of these supplements include the following:

  • Amino acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Co-Enzymes

All of these compounds are very helpful towards your bodybuilding goals and objectives. Scientifically amino acids are the basic units of our body muscles. When we workout, amino acids are utilized to release energy and enhance your metabolic activity.

These amino acids also facilitate building and repairing process of the muscles mass. Therefore amino acids are vital for types of bodybuilding activities and without sufficient quantity, the body will be handicapped in the process.

Similarly, the second component of intra-workout supplements, carbohydrates, is essential for weightlifters. They are the much-needed nutrient that releases energy to do work. They help in building stamina for workout sessions and let us continue training for longer periods of time. For working out more, more carbohydrates are needed and these supplements provide the same.

The third component of an  intra-workout supplement  is co-enzyme. It is a basic unit of the cell. They are also the much-needed compounds for energy formation.

They are essential for protein processing in the body. The basic functions of any of these supplements include:

  • Gaining muscles and body mass
  • Repairing any damages to muscles
  • Enhances strength and body’s endurance

These supplements are mostly taken along with other pre and post-workout formulas. It is a missing link that may allow you to reach a higher level of fitness in your workout.

We all know that supplements of various types are vitally important for meeting our nutritional requirements during a workout or training session. They assist in the provision of essential nutrients that can be ingested to bring improvement in the workout performance and ability to recover quickly after workouts.

Such nutrient-rich supplements also ensure that fatigue is minimised and muscles are prevented from being damaged. Whenever we take in any food product, it goes through mechanical digestion. This process breaks down food into nutrients and lets it get absorbed into the blood and body. When pre and post supplements are taken 30 minutes before and within 30 minutes after workouts, it triggers this process and all the supplementary nutrients are well absorbed in the body.

When we take in extra workout supplement during the exercise session, it is providing nourishment at a point where the body is already vigorously active. Therefore, the mechanical digestion process is not triggered by using these supplements. As a consequence, it leads to the enhancement of muscle building abilities of the human body. So, in addition to providing the extra energy for higher performance in the workout, the intra-workout supplement also enhances muscle building during the workout.

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