What Do People Say About Genetic Supplements?

What Do People Say About Genetic Supplements?

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Genetic Supplements are designed to help athletes and “every day” people alike in their pursuit of improved health as well as enhanced performance.

Being a personal trainer means my client’s well-being is a top priority of mine. Recommending the best supplements that helps them achieve their goals is always important to me.

Genetic Supplements is a brand I truly trust in, the company’s ethos of only producing quality products with transparent testing reinforces this. Rather than take my word for it I’ve asked a handful of my personal clients to comment on their experiences with the Genetic Supplements range. It seemed the most logical way to help you understand just how great they are!

“Living a busy life, I needed ease when it comes to getting in good quality nutrients. Using Bio Whey UMF has helped increase my protein intake, my recovery after swimming and other sporting activities have improved dramatically. The taste is amazing (peanut caramel being my favorite)! Also being quite reactive to diary, using a product that is 99% lactose free has helped aid digestibility. I’m so happy to recommend these products to anybody else as they have helped me so much”.

“Alistair recommended DIM to help control my elevated levels of estrogen which is a factor to myself storing fat on the lower half of the body. Since taking DIM I have seen really good improvements in my leg shape. I’m so happy that I started to use this supplement and due to the fantastic results, I now use a wide range of their products.” 

Sustain 2.0 is the product that started my personal experience with the Genetic Supplements. I was feeling a little tired and lethargic in training sessions, Alistair recommended that I try Sustain 2.0 due to its performance enhancing properties and its great taste. I am now flying in training and can’t wait to go the gym each time to make more progress!” 

“A good and tasty vegan protein is near damn impossible to find. Alistair (who is also my boyfriend) suggested Genetic Supplements Vegan Protein. He is a big supporter of the brand and being an avid user of Bio Whey UMF, recommended me to try it. Well I am truly impressed, I don’t bloat, the taste is amazing and it mixes so well with a great nutritional profile. I cannot thank Genetic Supplements enough for being so innovative with their range and creating a wide range of products that help individuals.” 

“Being an individual who has a busy life and struggle to turn off, training is my therapy. Sleep is something that I have struggled with for a good few years. My trainer Alistair told me about 5-HTP Elite Sleep from Genetic Supplements. He has been using it himself with great results and told me about the ingredients, how each one of these may help increase the quality of my sleep. After two weeks of use my sleep quality has improved dramatically, I have also changed my lifestyle and sleeping routine. The main difference to the quality of my sleep has been 5-HTP Elite Sleep.”


It’s fair to say the supplement industry is so over crowded with “me too” brands which use cheap ingredients to make quick money! Genetic Supplements have gone against the grain and used the most elite ingredients out there, which shines through when you try them. 

As a personal trainer who prides myself on being honest and unbiased, I’m more than happy to refer my clients to Genetic Supplements.

Alistair Fraser 

Genetic Supplements