Our Quality – Genetic Supplements

Our Quality

The foundations Genetic Supplements have always been built upon are based around quality. Rather than just saying we focus on quality, we prove it with our actions. Below you can see the exact steps we take to guarantee every Genetic Supplements customer gets the best quality sports nutritional supplements on the market:

  • All of our products are free of any banned substances on the WADA list making our range perfect for athletes who are drugs tested regularly. For those who are not, it’s still nice to know you’re consuming products which don’t contain harmful substances.
  • Most of our products are submitted for LGC Laboratories testing. This certifies that the purity and dosages of our products are accurate. We wanted to do this because so many companies under does their ingredients which is immoral!
  • We source the most pure ingredients from around the world including our best-selling Swiss grass fed whey from a traceable herd of cattle in the Swiss Alps. The source of ingredients and the purity is essential for your progress and health.
  • Our formulas are created from scratch by our expert “in-house” team. We don’t use generic formulas off the shelf, we create formulas with the purest of ingredients and dose them in accordance with the latest scientific research.
  • Our hygiene rating in our manufacturing facility is 5/5, which goes some way to showing how committed we are to provided the cleanest supplements on the market.

Our customer base is extremely loyal and satisfied with the range we offer along with the quality of service. Once you try Genetic Supplements we’re extremely confident you won’t leave us!