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Support your immune system with Genetic Immune Support capsules. Our synergistic formula is developed with herbs, garlic and vitamin C to support the immune system and provide effective antioxidant properties, so nothing will interrupt your training.

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Key Benefits

HEALTH BOOSTER | All natural immune booster to support whole body health and wellbeing, and help prevent small illnesses derailing your progress.

SERVING SIZE | Take 2 capsules daily.

Genetic Immune Support Capsules

When you’re giving everything in the gym, you can’t let anything slow you down. That’s why we’ve engineered our immune support caps, to aid your immune system during workouts and competition, helping you to fight any illnesses that could interrupt your training.

Genetic Immune Support comes in the form of convenient capsules that are developed to aid the natural immune system and contain effective antioxidants to provide an extra boost to your health and wellbeing.

Genetic Immune Support aids the natural function of the immune system with its synergistic formula of herbs with garlic, ginger rhizome, and vitamin C. This unique formula also possesses effective antioxidant properties. Garlic, Ginger and vitamin C can also aid in overall well-being as well as maintaining healthy blood pressure & blood circulation and helping in fighting cold and flu symptoms.

Genetics formula contains the herbs Andrographis Paniculata, and Tinospora Cord Folia which have a positive effect on the liver, kidneys, and overall health and wellbeing.

Genetic Immune support is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Also known as Ascorbic Acid, and commonly found in citrus fruit such as oranges, Vitamin C can help support your body in a number of key ways; promoting cell health, maintaining healthy skin, bones, and cartilage, and help your body heal wounds.

Vitamin C has also been known to increase your capacity to absorb Iron from food - which is useful if you're Iron deficient, but less so if you're trying to watch how much Iron you're getting.

Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules daily with food.

Store in a cool dry place, out of children’s reach. Do not use if seal is broken. Do not exceed recommended dose. Not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition. Use within 12 months of opening. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or on medication.


Garlic Extract, Andrographis Paniculata, Maltodextrin, Tinospora Cordifolia, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Ginger Rhizome, HPMC shell (suitable for vegetarians).


400mg Garlic Extract (100:1) per serving (providing 4000mcg allicin)

300mg Andrographis Paniculata (98% andrographolides) per serving

100mg Maltodextrin per serving

300mg Tinospora Cordifolia (Stem Extract) per serving

300mg Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) per serving

100mg Ginger Rhizome (120:1) per serving