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Support your training regime with Pepto pro, Genetic’s ultra-fast absorbing protein. Our blend contains over 10g of protein per serving and all 20 amino acids to help you build and maintain lean muscle mass and see real results.


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Key Benefits

MUSCLE SUPPORT | Engineered with easily-digested protein and amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery.

POWER PROTEIN | Contains 10g of quick-release protein per serving.

ELITE ENERGY | Our formula contains Hydrolysed Casein Protein, with di-peptides and tri-peptides for fast-acting energy during or after high-intensity training.

BCAA'S BENEFIT | Contains all essential amino acids to help build muscle, fight fatigue and relieve muscle soreness.

FAST ACTING | Near-instant impact of amino acids and protein if taken intra-training, boosting energy and supporting muscle synthesis.

LOW FAT | Less than 1g of fat per serving.

ZERO SUGAR | No carbs or sugars helps you develop lean muscle mass.

GREAT TASTE | Available in 4 great tasting flavours: Blackcurrant, Coconut Cocktail, Orange, and Mango Passionfruit, or as a versatile unflavoured option.

SERVING SIZE | Recommended 15g serving, giving you over 33 servings per 500g pouch.

Genetic PeptoPro Powder

Our Pepto Pro® is engineered to support you fitness and training regime by providing elite energy and fast-acting protein and amino acids.

With 11g of pure protein per 15g serving, you're getting a huge protein content of over 70%, with an additional boost of essential amino acids, and no sugars or fats - helping you build and maintain lean muscle mass.

You can take it throughout the day to support your daily routine, but it is at its best as an intra-workout supplement, helping to fuel your body with easily-absorbed amino acids and protein directly as your body needs it most.

Casein is a type of protein that is found in the milk of most mammals (including cows, sheep and buffalo). It is water-insoluble and clots in the stomach, making it slow to break down, and providing a more efficient release of energy.

When hydrolised using an enzyme such as protease, it is essentially pre-digested and helps to speed up the absorption process, giving you a quicker hit of energy from both the proteins and carbohydrates.

It also gives you all the amino acids you need for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Amino Acids are often described as the “building blocks” of protein, and although there are 20 in total that your body needs to help build and repair muscle, nine of them cannot be produced by the body – these are considered the essential amino acids, and must be obtained from diet.

Three of those nine are the Branched Chain Amino Acids (or BCAA’s) which have a different structure to other essential amino acids, allowing them to be oxidised directly by skeletal muscle and used as energy during training.

Our formula contains all essential amino acids, with 2g of BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine), helping you maintain peak performance by alleviating muscle fatigue and soreness.

Suggested Use

Mix 15g (1 scoop) with 300ml - 350ml of cold water using a shaker cup or blender for best results. Consume immediately.

Recommended use of no more than four times a day. Close pouch after use. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


PeptoPro® (Hydrolised Casein) (Milk).


11g Protein per Serving

2g BCAA's per Serving

0.9g L-Leucine

0.5g L-Isoleucine

0.3g L-Alanine

0.4g L-Arginine

188 kJ per Serving

0.0g Carbohydrates per Serving


What is Pepto Pro?

Genetic Pepto Pro is fast-absorbing protein that contains 10g of protein per serving and all 20 amino acids. It contains hydrolised casein (a type of protein found in the milk of most mammals, including cows) that's slow to break down and provides an efficient release of energy.


What does Pepto Pro do?

Pepto Pro delivers ultra-fast absorbing protein and a full amino acid profile without the added sugars and fats.


What are the benefits of Pepto Pro?

This fact acting protein helps you build and maintain muscle mass, while giving you an energy boost to help you push through hard workouts and training sessions. It contains no sugars or fats, which supports muscle development further.

Effective delivery of BCAAs to muscles is vital during and after workouts to help growth and prevent damage - this formula supports you in all areas of training.


When should I take Pepto Pro?

It can be taken before, during, or after training but
is particularly useful in the intra or post-workout phase to aid recovery.